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Name:Major Kaidan Alenko
Birthdate:Jul 24
Location:Vancouver, Canada
Kaidan Alenko, a biotic recently promoted to Major, is the second human to become Spectre after the first, Shepard, and is also a loyal shipmate on the Normandy. He's joined with Shepard and several other humans and aliens on a continued quest to end the threat that the Reapers (a synthetic race bent on harvesting the human race and many other organic lifeforms throughout the galaxy) pose to the entire system.

{Disclaimer: This is not an employee of Bioware, or Kaidan himself, or even Raphael Sbarge. This is merely a roleplaying journal that makes no profit so please don't contact the Citdael Embassies or C-Sec...or y'know...the actual authorities.

mun & muse 18+}
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